The colors and breezes of the countryside and house in Normandy. The blue crockery, the yellow lichen, and where the key in the monastary kitchen leads.

The “Three French Films” were conceived of as postcards to myself and songs to the passion of place. I noticed the program in France called them “odes” which is a lovely word that seems old-fashioned and quite precise, evoking a sense of both memory and presence. The films emerged quite unlike my other work, as little stories without narratives and recollections of a French appreciation of American jazz. Cinematography concentrates on the spectacular natural light of the places: the films were shot with no special filters, particular technical effects, or optical printing. I made a game for myself to edit them so that each could be shown separately, and stand alone, and also be shown1 – 2 – 3 , as a trilogy form. I am indebted to poet Joanna McLure for her exacting and evocative reading of the vocal texts.

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